Geshe Zopa July Visit

Geshe Zopa Visit in July:

Saturday July 13:

 10am – 4pm  ‘Perception, reality and bliss  –  shift your view to find more peace in your life’ 

Sunday July 14

10am meditation – on Geshe-la’s topic

11am – 4pm ‘Sharpening the sword of wisdom – a glance at Buddhist Philosophical Views’

Monday 15 July

 7.30 – 9pm  Introduction to Tantra 

Tuesday 16 July 

7.30 – 9.30pm Guru Puja Tsog with Geshe Zopa


Geshe Tenzin Zopa is an FPMT Touring Geshe and regular visiting teacher to Hayagriva Buddhist Centre.

Australia-based Geshe, leading multiple courses online and in-person around the world. Fluent in English, Geshe-la’s teaching are rich in detail, profound in meaning, and accessible to the modern sensibility. Geshe-la is also a specialist in tantric ritual and practice, and has tutored us in pujas and practices.

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