A puja is a special ceremony in which where prayers are offered to the Buddhas or to request their blessings and invoke their help.

Anyone can attend pujas at Hayagriva Buddhist Centre.  Please arrive half an hour before the start time of the puja, if you can.  Pujas usually start at 7.30pm on weekdays and 4.00pm on weekend days, but it’s best to check Hayagriva Buddhist Centre’s online event calendar.  Offerings of food (preferably fruit or vegetables, or individually wrapped items) and flowers gratefully received.

Guru Puja

During Guru Puja (or Lama Chopa), we invoke all the lamas of the graduated path lineage beginning with Shakyamuni Buddha himself, extending to our present direct teachers who have shown us the path.  We pay homage to them, make offerings, and request each of them to please bless our minds with the same realisations that they themselves have generated.  By offering sincere, heartfelt requests, we make our minds ripe to receive the full blessings of this precious lineage and quickly actualise the realisations we need to attain enlightenment.

Tara Puja

The Tara Puja is a practice focusing on Tara, making offerings and giving praise, as a way of creating merits and strengthening our connection with our own enlightened potential.  Tara is also known as the “Mother of all Buddhas” because she embodies wisdom – all buddhas are born from this wisdom, she is the manifestation of the Buddha’s omniscient mind.

Reciting the 21 Taras’ prayer with devotion – remembering Tara singing praises and reciting mantras at any time of the day or night – protects you from fear and dangers, and fulfils all your wishes.” Lama Zopa Rinpoche.

Medicine Buddha Puja

Most commonly a Medicine Buddha Puja puja is performed on behalf of sick people to assist with recovery from illness or an operation and those who are dying.  It is also done to achieve higher rebirth for the deceased and is very powerful in bringing about success, both temporary and ultimate.  The prayers invoke help from the Seven Medicine Buddhas and Buddha Shakyamuni.