Membership Application

Thank you for choosing to be a member of Hayagriva Buddhist Centre. Our memberships are an integral part of the difference we make and the work we do, membership offers you extra benefits in return for your ongoing support. 

Benefits of becoming a member of Hayagriva

Membership fees are important in allowing us to finance the facilities to be able to offer Dharma teachings. Your support allows us to pay for the day to day costs cover all the basic needs like water, electricity, phone bills, insurance and all you need to keep a centre running.

Types of Membership
  • Individual Membership $155 per year
  • Family Membership $230 per year
  • Concession Membership* $105 per year

* Concession Membership is for individuals on age pension, disability pension or full-time students.

Conditions of Membership

We have a fundamental responsibility to create a supportive, harmonious and safe environment at our Centre. To this end Members are expected to:

  • Observe Gompa Etiquette at the Centre (the Gompa is the hall in which we conduct teachings and meditations)
  • Treat others with courtesy and respect
  • Abide by the five lay precepts at the Centre – not to kill, steal, lie, engage in sexual misconduct or take intoxicants
  • Be respectful of other religions, traditions or groups but not promote or support them in any way while at the Centre unless approved by the Executive Committee.
  • Not engage in the practice of Shugden as advised by our Spiritual Director, Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche
  • Obtain prior approval of the Executive Committee before holding meetings or events at the Centre
  • Abide by decisions of the Executive Committee

** Read the Collection of Advice Regarding Shugden (Dolgyal)

Meditation Hall (Gompa) Etiquette

Some behaviour (such as not wearing footwear in the Gompa) is based on eastern tradition but it is mostly to benefit your mind by cultivating respect for the Buddhist teachings which liberate from suffering.

  • It is respectful to arrive on time and remain for the complete session
  • Dress modestly: skirts below the knees, shoulders covered and modest necklines
  • Please leave your head uncovered
  • Please turn mobile phones off or to silent
  • The teacher sits higher than the students out of respect for the teachings
  • Please stand for the teacher to enter the hall and sit after the teacher sits down
  • Prostrations are optional though placing your palms together at the chest shows respect for the teachings
  • Respect statues and Dharma books as they represent the Buddha’s teachings. For example, don’t put Dharma material directly on the floor, step over it, place it where you sit, or point your feet at the altar, teacher or holy objects
  • Feel free to use a chair if sitting cross-legged is or becomes uncomfortable
  • Maintain silence, especially during teachings, meditations and pujas
  • At the end of the teachings stand before the teacher gets up
  • Pets are generally not allowed into the gompa and office/kitchen area for health and safety reasons. Should they require special prayers in the case of illness or death, please contact the Spiritual Program Coordinator at or our Centre on 9367 4817 to arrange a visit.
Approval Process

Your membership is not active until paid. Membership applications are subject to final approval by the Hayagriva Buddhist Centre’s Executive Committee though this is usually just a formality. In the very unlikely event that an application is refused, all money will be refunded. Until an application has gone before the Executive Committee, applicants are entitled to all the benefits of Membership except the right to vote at meetings or stand for a position on the Executive Committee.


All information provided in this application is used in the process of maintaining our membership details and to reconcile your payment. We will not sell or give your details to any third party. Under Australian law it is your right to request a copy of your personal data. Please address your requests in this matter to our Membership Coordinator:

Become a Member or Renew Your Membership

Please type your email address carefully.
Tick the checkbox that relates to this application. For “renewals” we will update our records as needed.
“Concession” is for age pension, disability pension or full-time student,
For a “Concession” membership tick the checkbox for the applicable type of concession. Proof of eligible concession needs to be sighted and should be brought to the centre and presented to our volunteer “welcome” staff on your next visit.
Please supply at least one phone number.
In the field called “Special Notes” you can enter any notes you want to bring to the attention of to the Membership Co-ordinator. For “Family” membership, you should enter a list of names of those in the family.
To keep our costs to a minimium, our payment preference is by bank transfer. BSB 302-162 Account Number 1922572 Account Name is Hayagriva Buddhist Centre. Please use your surname and initials in reference field.
   Tick the checkbox on the left above to indicate your agreement to abide by the “Conditions of Membership”.

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