eNews December 2023

This year has been a year of joy and sorrow, of learning and practice, of challenges and opportunities, and of gratitude and generosity.

The most significant event of the year was the passing of our beloved spiritual director Lama Zopa Rinpoche in April. Lama Zopa Rinpoche was a source of infinite wisdom, compassion, and inspiration for us all.  May we continue to practice in ways that please his holy mind.

During the year we have been graced by the visits of two eminent teachers- Geshe Sherab taught us the profound meaning of the Heart Sutra, the essence of the Perfection of Wisdom teachings. Geshe Zopa visited as part of the Cultivating Kindness Tour and again for the consecration of the Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) statue and the Tara Wall. We are very grateful for their kindness and generosity in teaching us the Dharma.

On the topic of the Guru Rinpoche statue which now adorns our gompa – huge thanks the very generous donations of our friends and members, we have raised over $14,500 for this project – it is a testament to our collective merit and virtue, which will bring peace and happiness to ourselves and others.

We have also added a beautiful Tara wall to our gompa, which features 21 statues of the female Buddha of compassion. Geshe Zopa consecrated the wall in July and gave us the transmission of the 21 Taras practice, explaining their significance and benefits. 

We are also fortunate to have three Sangha members who live and serve at the centre: Venerable Chokyi, our resident teacher; Venerable Yeshe and Venerable Pekar. They inspire and us with their wisdom, compassion and dedication. They also help contribute to the care of the gompa and the amazing way events run at the centre – whenever the Ani-las are involved the gompa positively glows – we are so fortunate to have their presence and we thank them.

May the lives of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and all our spiritual teachers be long, may we always live and practice in ways that please their holy minds, may all beings be free from suffering and its causes. May all beings attain the state of perfect Buddhahood. May all be auspicious.

Rob Milan, Director