• Meditation
    Meditation is one of the best ways to get started. It is easiest to learn how to meditate properly in a group with an experienced student guiding you. We offer two regular led meditations each week (Sunday morning and Tuesday morning). Both are suitable for new students. Each has a slightly different emphasis.
    Read more about our meditation sessions here.
  • Sunday Afternoon Teachings
    Letter to a King
    with Geshe Sonam

    2.30pm every Sunday
    This text by the great Indian master, Nagarjuna, is as relevant today as when he sent it as a letter of advice to his friend, a King, 2,000 years ago. The King was healthy, wealthy and very busy yet profoundly dissatisfied. The letter, a summary of the Mahayana Buddhist path, sets out the reasons for this unhappiness and how to conquer it.
    By donation.
  • Tuesday Evening Teachings
    Wheel of Sharp Weapons
    7.30pm Tuesdays

    A new five-year long program to help students more deeply understand and integrate the teachings into their daily life started at the end of March 2017. This consists of the FPMT International's Basic Program adapted to local conditions. It is a practice-orientated, up to 12-subject course for students who want to proceed beyond foundation level study. It consists of lectures by Geshe Sonam, a discussion group, homework and tests to help students gain an in-depth understanding of the dharma. The first subject over 12 weeks will be the famous text on karma, The Wheel of Sharp Weapons.
    Please email Lee Moi Cheng at spc@hayagriva.org.au if you wish to commit to the five-year course.
    Attendance at Basic Program is by donation.

Our Resident Teacher

Spiritual development does not come from just reading books on Buddhism and meditation. It is essential to receive teachings from a qualified teacher whose pure lineage can be traced back to the Buddha. In that respect we are fortunate to have Geshe Ngawang Sonam as our resident teacher. Ordained as a monk at the age of 10, he was awarded the title of Geshe after 22 years of study at Sera Jey Monastery in southern India. This study included all the major texts in the Gelugpa tradition. Follow this link to read the full biography of Geshe Ngawang Sonam