FPMT International’s Basic Program – Starts on 28 Mar 2017

A new five-year long program to help students more deeply understand and integrate the teachings into their daily life will start at the end of the month when we adapt FPMT International’s Basic Program to local conditions. It is a practice-orientated, up to 12-subject course for students who want to proceed beyond foundation level study. It consists of lectures by Geshe Sonam, a discussion group, homework and tests to help students gain an in-depth understanding of the dharma. The first subject over 12 weeks will be the famous text on karma, The Wheel of Sharp Weapons.
If students are to commit to the five-year program, there are four requirements:

  1. They are required to do weekly homework
  2. Attend the weekly class, and or listen to the recording of the teaching.
  3. Take the test at the end of the subject.
  4. Attend the three-month Lam Rim retreat.

They are also expected to attend a weekly one-hour discussion group on each class.
Please reply to Susan di Bona at spc@hayagriva.org.au by Sun 26 March if you wish to commit to the five-year course.
Attendance at Basic Program is by donation.

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White Dzambhala Jenang – 19 Mar 2017

White Dzambhala Jenang
2.30pm Sun 19 March

White Dzambhala is an aspect of the Buddha’s enlightened mind that enhances our karma to generate wealth to be able to practice the dharma. Dzambhala is an aspect of the Buddha of compassion, Chenrezig. The Jenang, for which there is no ongoing practice commitment, gives students the blessing to say the White Dzambala mantra.

Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche said: “The purpose of practicing Dzambhala is to receive everything required to practice Dharma; to benefit all other sentient beings extensively by relieving their poverty, liberating them from suffering, giving them whatever they need to practice Dharma.”

The White Dzambhala practice booklet is available from FPMT International website.

By donation

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Day of Miracles – 12 Mar 2017

Extensive Light Offerings

Day of Miracles
Sunday 12 March 2017

Also known as Chötrul Düchen this is one of the four important holy days of the Mahayana calendar. Significantly the karmic effect of positive (and negative) actions are magnified 100 million times on these holy days so practitioners try to be virtuous and keep their minds positive.
Read more about why this day is special

  • 6:30am Precepts given by Geshe Sonam (eight vows taken for 24 hours with an attitude to benefit others)
  • 12noon Set up extensive water bowls and light offerings
  • 5pm Light offerings and Shakyamuni Buddha Puja

By donation. Offering of food, flowers welcome.

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Venerable Jampa Dekyi teachings Feb 2017

Venerable Jampa Dekyi

See below for full details of her classes and workshops

Venerable Dekyi’s wish is to share the beauty, depth and practical compassion of the Buddha Dharma with all who have an interest. She is warm and irrepressible and says: “I’ve always had this sense that I could deal with whatever happened”.

A popular and regular teacher at our Centre, Venerable Dekyi met the Dharma in 1992 and realised immediately that there was no other way for her to live. She was ordained a year later, has studied the Buddha Dharma in depth, taught at a number of FPMT centres, and has a broad understanding of secular life.

Details of Ven Dekyi’s Teachings & Workshops

Sunday Teachings

• Keeping the Dharma Relevant to Our Life
2.30pm Sunday 5 February
Tsong Khapa’s famous Lam Rim says: “All teachings are to be taken as personal instructions”. The teachings have to inform all our thoughts words and actions – we need to turn the written Dharma into lived Dharma. This talk will look at the many ways in which this can be done.
By donation.

• Happiness Through Wisdom
2.30pm Sunday 12 February
The root cause of all our suffering, is our mistaken understanding of reality. We are suffering not because we are “bad” but because we are ignorant. The more we are able to attune with reality, the happier we will be. The Heart Sutra mentions that the Bodhisattva has “gone beyond sorrow” – he or she has attained lasting happiness through understanding the emptiness of inherent existence of all phenomena. While it could take a lifetime to understand this, even a small understanding can help us to be happier.
By donation.

• Compassion – the Door to Inner Peace
2.30pm Sunday 19 February
According to Buddhism, compassion is not pity but the sincere wish that all living beings be free of suffering and its causes. Research has shown that people who are mainly concerned with benefitting others are a lot happier than those who are self-centred. Learn more about this inconceivably beneficial mind-state.
By donation.

Tuesday Teachings

• The Eight Anxieties
7.30pm Tuesday 7 and 14 February
Renouncing these anxieties is the first step if we want to be happy. They destroy our peace of mind and lead to negative emotions such as anger, attachment, jealousy, laziness and guilt. Learn how to recognise when they have taken control and what to do about it.
By donation.

Saturday Workshops

• Purification not Guilt. A Practical Workshop
1-4pm Saturday 11 February
We have all felt guilty about things we have done that have hurt ourselves and others. These actions have created negative karma that will lead to future suffering. Feeling guilty is not a solution but purification meditations are. Any negative karma can be purified by sincerely undertaking purification practices. Venerable Dekyi will explain and help you do some of these practices.

• Shakyamuni Buddha Practice & Mantras for Everyday Life
1-4pm Saturday 18 February
Mantras, meaning “mind protection”, are Sanskrit syllables that embody the qualities of the deity with which they are associated. They bring benefit to all who see, touch, hear or speak them. One important practice is that of Shakyamuni Buddha – the source of all Dharma. By engaging in the practice of Shakyamuni we can cultivate a connection with our Perfect Teacher and all sentient beings who have Buddha nature. We will also learn how to use mantras in daily life situations.

Each Workshop $25 ($20 financial Hayagriva Members)
Two Workshops $45 ($35 financial Hayagriva Members)

Use the form available near the top of this page to Book and Pay for the workshops.

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Lama Tsong Khapa – Guru Puja – 23 Dec 2016

Lama Tsong Khapa
– Light Offering and Guru Puja

7.30pm Friday 23 December 2016

Lama Tsong Khapa was a highly realised 14th century meditator, scholar, and saint who founded our Gelugpa school of Buddhism. His teachings are said to be particularly powerful for the people of today. Read Lama Yeshe’s teaching on on Lama Tsong Khapa. Join us as we make light offerings and do Guru Puja in commemoration of this great practitioner
Food/flowers welcome at pujas
All welcome
By donation

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Geshe Thubten Sherab Teaches at HBC 7-9 Jan 2017

Geshe Thubten SherabGeshe Thubten Sherab
Teaching at Hayagriva

Saturday 7, Sunday 8 and Monday 9 January 2017

Geshe Thubten Sherab has been described as a master from the new generation. Fluent in English, he has had a long association with westerners after joining Kopan Monastery in Nepal as a young boy. He said: “My view is that it doesn’t matter whether people follow in the traditional way of practicing or even if they are Buddhist. There are so many good aspects of the Dharma that we can share with them”.

See full details of his teaching sessions below   Read more about Geshe Sherab

Details of Teachings

• Buddhism Made Simple
2 – 4.30pm Saturday 7 January
This gentle introduction to Buddhist thought and meditation will give you an understanding of what Buddhism is about and how it could help you better understand yourself and deal with the issues that arise in everyday life.
Cost: $20 (Members $15)

• The Entire Buddhist Path (One Day Seminar)
11.30am – 1.30pm, 3 – 5pm Sunday 8 January
For more than 2,500 years Buddhism has helped people deal with the tribulations of everyday living and shown how to lead a more positive, happy life. It is as relevant today as when it was first taught. These longer sessions will help students gain a deeper understanding of Buddhist concepts and practice.
Cost: $50 (Members $40)
Please bring a vegetarian plate to share

• The Buddhist Magic Bullet – Emptiness
7.30pm Monday 9 January
The concept of emptiness is a totally different way of viewing who we are and the way we see the world and all those around us. Even an intellectual understanding of emptiness reduces our negative emotions, increases our inner peace and helps us enjoy life more.
Cost: $20 (Members $15)

Book All Three Events
Cost: $80 (Members $60)

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Teaching and Picnic at King’s Park – 18 Dec 2016


Teaching at King’s Park
Sunday 18 Dec at 2.30pm
It’s Geshe Sonam’s last teaching before he goes off for his 2 month break back to India and Nepal. To make it special we are having it in King’s Park. It will take place on a grassy area near the Zamia Cafe which is located adjacent to the Synergy Parkland on May Drive. Plenty of parking just off May Drive and a short walk down to the lake near the cafe. Check out the Google map.
Bring a plate to share after the teaching as we will be staying on for a picnic. All are welcome to attend. Picnic should start around 4.30pm.

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Geshe Tenzin Zopa teaching at HBC on 9 and 10 Dec 2016

geshe-tenzin-zopaGeshe Tenzin Zopa Teaching at Hayagriva
Friday 9 and Saturday 10 December 2016

English speaking Geshe Tenzin Zopa teaches from the heart and, with his association with westerners since he was a young boy, knows exactly the problems we have and how the Buddha’s teachings will best help us deal with them.

He is an entertaining and charismatic teacher who we are fortunate to have at our Centre for this short time. Geshe Zopa’s recent four-year stay in Perth as guardian to young Phuntsok Rinpoche makes him almost West Australian! Don’t miss him.

Read more about Phuntsok Rinpoche in Perth   View Geshe Tenzin Zopa’s Facebook page

Details of Teachings

• The Basics of Buddhism and Meditation
7.30pm Friday 9 December
An overview of Buddhist thought and meditation will be presented in an entertaining and easy to digest format so that you can apply these long tested techniques to better deal with the issues you face in daily life and better understand who you are.
Cost: $20 (Members $15)

• Serenity in Uncertain Times (One Day Seminar)
11am – 1pm, 2.30 – 4.30pm Saturday 10 December
It is the best of times, it is the worst of times… and as we watch the news and ponder our daily experience, we realise that we cannot predict or control our lives with any certainty whatsoever.
It was no different when the Buddha lived 2,600 years ago. He established that all phenomena are impermanent and our inability to accept this is the cause of our suffering.
Cost: $50 (Members $40) (vegetarian lunch will be provided)
Please register online or at the centre for catering purposes

Complete package: includes Friday night teaching and Saturday Seminar
Cost: $60 (Members $50)

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Lha Bab Dhuchen – 20 Nov 2016


Lha Bab Duchen
Sunday 20 November 2016

This is one of the big holy days of the year marking the time when the Buddha repaid the kindness of his mother by giving her teachings. The effect of positive actions is magnified hundreds of thousands of times on this day so it is traditional to take the Eight Mahayana Precepts for 24 hours.

  • 6:30am Precepts given by Geshe Sonam (eight vows taken for 24 hours with an attitude to benefit others)
  • 12noon Set up extensive water bowls and light offerings
  • 5pm Light offerings and Shakyamuni Buddha Puja

By donation. Offering of food, flowers welcome.

Please note that Sunday Meditation at 10am and Geshe Sonam’s teachings at 2.30pm will take place as normal.

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HBC Members attend Light of the Path retreat – August 2016

Light of the Path retreat North Carolina August 2016 01

Four people associated with Hayagriva (members and former members) attended the Light of the Path Retreat with Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche in North Carolina. Owen and Lesley joined Kirsty, who is travelling for a while, and Oi Loon, who now spends most of her time in Malaysia. They joined 300 FPMT students from around the world including more than 40 sangha.

This is the fourth LoP Retreat and, while Rinpoche hasn’t actually started the text, he gave many powerful teachings on the path and how vital it is to practice. The teachings were live streamed on YouTube and through the FPMT website with simultaneous translations in Italian, Spanish and French with an audio in Mandarin also available. Transcripts are coming soon (refer to the last link below).

During the retreat Owen’s mother and the mother of Merry Colony, a student who has served the FPMT for many years, passed away within a few hours of each other and that night Rinpoche kindly did an amazingly powerful Medicine Buddha puja for their benefit and for the others who ask for Rinpoche’s help.

Late one evening Rinpoche was leading a walking meditation in the grounds of the stunningly beautiful YMCA facility in the mountains where the retreat is held and as we were leaving the gompa the retreat organiser announced that a black bear had been seen on the property so keep a watch out. It helped focus the concentration.
It’s a great retreat for inspiration and to change your view of reality for a while. There will be more LoP Retreats in the future.

View more photos taken during the retreat.
Note: You don’t need a Facebook account to view these photos. Just scroll to the bottom of the Facebook page and click on “Not Now”. Then click on the first image to view the slide show.

Below is an extract from the FPMT’s eNews that provides handy links to various video, audio and to future transcripts. It is reproduced for your convenience:

Links to video and audio of the current Light of the Path 2016 teachings with Lama Zopa Rinpoche:

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