Hayagriva Buddhist Centre is a Mahayana Tibetan Buddhist centre in Perth, Western Australia, an affiliated member of the FPMT. Visit the centre between 10am – 2pm,   Monday – Saturday  ph 9367 4817 or stay in touch by signing up to our enews or visiting us on facebook.

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DramaforDharma-thumbSwap Drama for Dharma: Learn how to reduce negative emotions – the cause of so much drama and suffering in our lives. When negative emotions are in control, we harm others, and ourselves. This is something we all wish to avoid. Classes will include meditation and question and answer time.

MindChangingThoughtsThumbWhen we meet the teachings of the Buddha, they seem to resonate for most of us – they just “make sense”. We should always recall that these precious teachings are meant to be taken as personal instructions. Therefore, we need to move beyond simply “listening". Join Venerable Dekyi as she explores these thoughts that are a springboard to deeper practice.

ExploringEmtinessThumbAnyone who comes into contact with the Buddhadharma will sooner or later hear the term “emptiness.” We will be looking at what emptiness means and how vitally important it is to have some kind of understanding of how it relates to our lives and our Dharma practice. Classes will include discussion and meditation.